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VIDEO: Warm Soda vs. Thermite!


Recently, Jeff “The Berkey Guy” and his family were on vacation. While visiting a lake, they came across the YouTube star in the video below, Grant Thompson AKA The King of Random. With 8.3 million subscribers as of this writing, Grant’s kind of a “big deal”. He’s come a long way and if you’ve followed […]

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VIDEO- She’s Got An Incredible Memory

Reorganizing my food storage yesterday, I came across these two videos. (I often listen to something educational/entertaining in the background while I do “mindless” tasks.) In the realm of memory feats, this one is quite impressive…especially because Katherine is a teen. Take a look for yourself! She Memorizes a Shuffled Pack She Remembers Sequential Balls

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Amazing Kitchen Gadgets

Cool gadgets abound, especially in this age of online commerce. We found this video that boasts 10 AMAZING kitchen doodads. What are the chances that you own any of the inventions featured in the video? Do any of these impress you? FUN FACT: Thomas Edison had 2,332 international patents awarded to him throughout his lifetime. […]

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VIDEO: Mesmerizing Jugglers

Here are a couple of videos of talented jugglers who will leave you awe-struck at their finesse. I’m posting simply out of entertainment and to share the elegance of their skills. Enjoy! Kristian Jyoti Unknown Juggler

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DIY Kid Wash

DIY: Kid Wash Water Activity

With summer comes the potential for kids & parents alike to get stir-crazy…so here’s a fun project that will keep the munchkins entertained, especially if they can play with WATER! Now, be sure it’s not too hot outside. Just because they’ll be playing in water, sunburns come easy & adequate hydration is always important. Click […]

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DIY Thumb

Awesome DIY Project – How to build a plastic bottle greenhouse!

Today’s project is your very own Green House built from plastic bottles. You can use virtually any size plastic bottle, although the numbers needed will vary by your final dimensions. Click on the image below to Download the PDF or click HERE to visit today’s DIY. (The link at is not working but we […]

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