TIME SAVER: Power Drill Scrubber


This DIY from BuzzFeed is rather clever. I happen to have three drills: My favorite & GO-TO: Rigid drill 18V (cordless) from Home Depot Rigid Corded Drill Back-up: Ryobi One+ 18V drill (cordless) Having worked a few varied subcontractor positions, I thoroughly enjoy drilling holes and screwing things together, not to mention cutting things on […]

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RECIPE: Irish Soda Bread

With simply four ingredients, you too can bake up a delicious loaf of Irish Soda bread! With flour, baking soda, salt, and buttermilk, this bread can be ready to eat in an hour’s time. Seriously, that’s a big deal! I love baking bread. My problem is my impatience with it. It appears that this bread […]

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SUMMER FUN: Fidget Spinner Challenges for Kids

The creativity of some folks never ceases to entertain me, especially when it comes to moms like Sarah over at I would have never considered using the fidget spinner as she suggests (no spoiler here). Click on the image below to see how she suggests creative ways to engage the fidget spinner functionally:

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THRIFTY TIPS: 101 Free Activities for Families

So, this list isn’t numbered but it’s broken up into sections. Things to do when… you feel like being outside it’s hot outside it’s cold outside you wanna try something new you feel like staying in you are hungry you wanna learn something new you want some time together you feel creative It’s got quite […]

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SUMMER FUN: Outdoor Games for the Kiddos

OK, now this post was a blast to read through and enjoy! I love having fun with my kiddos…especially when it involves cold water in the heat! We’ve found 20 outdoor games for you to explore with your family. Be sure to take the necessary precautions in being outdoors in hot weather. Remember, just a […]

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PETS: Hot Dog! Keeping Fido Cool

Here in Texas, the sweltering heat takes its toll on all forms of life, both people and pets. In fact, this last week, a good friend informed me of the passing of her son’s beloved canine buddy. It was tragic. When I spoke with her son, he was heartbroken. The most tragic detail of his […]

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33 Ideas for Journaling

Journaling is a practice that I think too few of us undertake, especially on a daily or regular basis. Years ago, my friend Ron Douglas shared how everything he had achieved in his life up until that point had been first captured and expressed in his personal journal. He spoke of one day writing a […]

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TECH: Interior Space Ergonomics

If you’ve ever enjoyed reading and studying DaVinci’s sketches and inventions, then you’re sure to enjoy the following post we’ve found. The mathematical correlations, proportions, rations, statistics, and so much more fascinating aspects of the human body seem endless. Click the image below to read the full article!

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SUCCESS TALK: Supporting Your Spouse…and Other Stuff

I’m a Gary Vaynerchuck (Vee for short) fan…in case you haven’t noticed from a previous post or two. In full disclosure, this video has a brief slice that talks about supporting your spouse but the whole thing is rather fun IMO. Hunter Pence is a professional major league baseball athlete who plays for that team […]

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