Antibiotic types

Types of Antibiotics and Uses for SHTF


Types of Antibiotics and Their Uses Since their invention in 1928 by Alexander Fleming, antibiotics have saved many lives and aided in the speedy recovery of many suffering from bacterial infections. But did you know that there are different types of antibiotics and they treat different types of infection? Today we will talk about the […]

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Sore Muscle Remedies

DIY – Sore Muscle Remedies

Sore Muscle Remedies We all know the feeling of sore muscles. Sometimes it’s the slightly sore “my muscles feel kind of tight” variety and sometimes it is more along the lines of “if I walk down these flight of stairs it might literally kill me” type. Whether the soreness comes from spending a beautiful day […]

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Natural Ant Killer

DIY – Natural Ant Killer

Natural Ant Killer “It’s been ruined like ants on a picnic.” This phrase has been used many times for good reason. Have you ever had a problem with ants? How can such a tiny little animal be such a nuisance? Well, if you have ever found a trail of ants leading into your pantry only […]

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Cough Remedy

DIY – Cough Remedy

Homemade Cough Remedy by Winnie The seasons are changing. As the weather gets colder my thoughts are towards s preparing for winter. One of the things that I worry about is how not to catch the virus of the week. Although I am really careful about washing my hands, not touching door knobs in public […]

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Weed Killer

DIY – Weed Killer

Home Made Weed Killer They are everywhere where they shouldn’t be. Noxious weeds can be found in every nook and cranny in my yard. They are persistent and I’m convinced that they will still be around when everything else on earth dies. It will be a world ruled by weeds and cockroaches with the occasional over […]

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Survival Cement

Survival Cement

Survival Cement, a.k.a Being Primitive Isn’t so Bad In the Southwest deserts, there are Anasazi ruins in the cliff walls that have been there for over 1000 years that are basically intact. The materials that they used to construct the walls were readily available. With a little but of clay-rich mud, grass and water, you […]

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Living Without Electricity

Living Without Electricity – Essentials to Consider

Basic Things To Remember When Living Without Electricity It has happened to all of us at one time or another. The power goes off and our world suddenly is without the conveniences of electricity. Whether due to an act of nature, something caused by man or simply a lifestyle choice, there are some basic essentials to […]

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