Berkey Light™ Purification for your Well Water


Many people contact us and ask us if the Berkey water purification systems are strong enough to purify water from their wells? One customer from Florida provides that answer herself, check it out:

Hi Jeff,

We have iron-y and sulphur-y well water and I am filtering it with the Berkey. It is pretty ‘dirty’… What do you think?

OMG [my Berkey Light makes] a WOLRD of difference. Before it tastes like iron or sulphurish and after, it is just…pure, clean, crisp,…My mom HATES water, always has, but she loves this and is glad I got it for her.

(I want to cover up the top part, people freak when they see it, lolol).

Thanks! LOVE IT!

D.B. from Florida

Here are the photos-of her Berkey Light™ in action- that she has graciously provided...

Also of note, Providence, Rhode Island will be experiencing some challenges with its public water supply this summer because of old water lines. The effluent water  from the lines will be discolored due to iron and sediment. Cloudiness of the water is known as turbidity. Things are really telling when public water utilities give you a “heads up” of what's to come. Read the original article here.

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