Optimism & Goals: Water Storage Example


Well, gas is going up and we’re still hearing rumors of wars and devastating tornadoes…along with other natural disasters. What’s the good news, if any?

If there is any good news or hopes for optimism, it’s this: today holds opportunity for me and for you. Think of it! Today is another chance for us to work and achieve our goals. If you’re like me, then you have primary and secondary goals. A primary goal is composed of secondary goals. The successful achievement of primary goals will only occur after each of its secondary goals has been realized.

For example:

I am working on my 180-day supply of emergency drinking water storage for my family. I already have achieved my previous primary goal of 90-days. Since I have 5 individuals in my family and my calculations are based on 1 gallon/person/day, my primary goal will be to add 8 more 55-gallon containers full of drinking water.

Primary goal: 180-Day Water Storage      Budget: $450      Timeline: 6 weeks @ $75/wk

Set-Up Date: April 15, 2012

Previously achieved secondary goal, phase I:

  • 90-day water storage

Phase II Secondary goals:

  • Save$75/week over the next six weeks, or purchase items within weekly budget if possible
  • Allocate appropriate sites for additional 55-gallon containers
  • Purchase untreated redwood 2x4s and cut them into twenty (20) 14” lengths, to serve as bases
  • Purchase 8 new 55-gallon blue drums
  • Purchase 8 bottles of Water Preserver Concentrate to treat the water put into the drums
  • Purchase the two or three hand siphon pumps and bung wrenches to accompany
  • Make the drum covers from extra heavy-duty canvas
  • Fill & Place the drums in their storage locations

I plan on spending Saturday, April 15, 2012, setting up all of the items in my water storage goal. I have also set aside the specific savings amount per week, while allowing myself to purchase items each week. If purchasing items each week, then I will be sure to stay within the $75/week budget. However, if I find a time-sensitive sale that will allow me to save money but which exceeds my weekly budget, then I will simply adjust my budget to shorten the timeline while reflecting the savings.


While challenging times are upon us, the setting and achieving of goals is what will continue to drive us as we pursue greater self-reliance. It is important to break down large goals into smaller milestones. This helps us to avoid burn-out or feeling overwhelmed at the tasks before us.

-David SafeWater

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