Featured: 10 Questions Preppers Should Ask The Doctor


Our friend Dr. Bones published an article this morning that suggests 10 questions the prepper-patient can ask of their physician regarding their medical care. These questions are a great start for individuals who have decided to better manage their own individual health.

What I particularly like about Dr. Bones' attitude is that he expects patients to take an active part in understanding medical decisions initiated by their team of healthcare practitioners. A few years ago, I took a college course on bioethics as part of my studies in philisophy. It was fascinating! In the course of that semester we considered the historical paradigm of the “paternalistic” approach of medical care. Essentially, this created a clear hierarchical relationship between the “paternal/parental” physician and the “child” patient. The paternalistic approach is still favored by some practicing doctors today because of its authoritarian appeal. Things are changing though! Many universities and medical schools are emphasizing a more consultative approach for the prospective physician, at least an increased emphasis on bedside manner & patient education is visible in medical programs.

Here is a list of the 10 questions that Dr. Bones suggests. Naturally, these questions are not the end-all of inquisitiveness and proactive engagement, but they are an excellent start. When used in conjunction with trusted medical resources such as Medline or WebMD, one can gain valuable insight into the wonderful workings of the body, and better understand how to care for it.

1. Doctor, why did you decide to put me on that medicine? 

2. What will the medicine do to me?

3. Is there a natural alternative to the medicine I’m prescribing?

4. Would you be willing to monitor me, if I decide to try a natural alternative?

5. Would my condition improve if I changed my diet or lifestyle?

6. Will this new medicine change the way my other medicines work, or their effectiveness?

7. This test you want me to take, what are the things you’re looking for?

8. Are there risks to this test?

9. Is this test or medicine absolutely necessary, what happens if I don’t take this medicine or don’t do this test?

10.  Could you explain your plan for my long term care?

Read the full article HERE.


-David SafeWater


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