How And Why To Plant Fruit Trees In The Fall


Do you love the idea of picking fresh fruit from your own backyard trees?  Well if you do, This article well be very helpful.  My uncles  place has Peach, Pear, Cherry and Apple trees from the previous owners and he  just can't thank them enough.

Nothing beats the taste of fresh picked cherries!

Nothing beats the taste of fresh picked cherries!

For those of us that love to garden – nothing can beat the quick return of bountiful harvests from the planting of tomatoes, peppers, corn and more each year. However, not to be forgotten are the years and years of fruit harvests that can be provided from a single planting of a few fruit trees to your yard or landscape.

There is something that is so satisfying about planting fruit trees – somehow signifying that you are putting down roots of a more permanent nature.  Fruit trees can be a valuable addition for those that are trying to be more responsible for growing their own food – and requires much less maintenance than an annual garden.

Fall Planting:

A newly planted apple tree at the farm

A newly planted apple tree at the farm

Although you can plant fruit trees into your landscape at any point of the growing season – fall is really the best time to plant.

The advantages to planting your trees in the fall are many.  For one, the cooler temperatures are much less stressful on the trees and require far less watering than planting trees in the spring and taking them through the hot summer months.

Fall planting allows just enough time for the roots of a tree to become established – getting them accustomed to the soil and preparing them for fast growth the following spring.

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