Making an Emergency Plan


Do You Have an Emergency Plan for a Natural Disaster?

emergency planIn every part of the country there seems to be some sort of naturally occurring disaster or potential for one.  We've posted a lot of different information on our website and Facebook page about this subject for good reason.  When a disaster strikes or a SHTF situation arises we want to help you to be prepared.  Communication is usually lost for a short time, clean drinking water and access to money, food, electricity and gas could be a real problem at that time as well.

Over at we found “The Complete Guide to What To Do Before, During, and After a Disaster.”  It does a good job of breaking it down by the actual disaster you might face in your area.  But this article is focused more on what types of preparations you need to make beforehand to protect your personal safety because of the actual tornado, hurricane, house fire or flood.  It also talks about what you can do during the actual occurrence and what you might expect after it has passed.  All of your other preps will come into play after that point.

The time you take to prepare yourself and your family to the best of your ability will pay off when you need it the most.


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