DIY Bicycle Wheel Survival Bow Project


Easy to Make Bicycle Wheel Survival Bow

Survival BowWow! That was the first thing that came to mind when we first saw this bow. We've seen a lot of different survival bow DIY projects in the past but this one really caught our eye from   First off, it really looks like you could actually use this thing to hunt small game successfully. The durability factor compared to other DIY bow projects we've seen in the past seems to be covered and the overall weight doesn't seem like it would be a problem.

The materials cost on the project was minimal according to the parts list, and if you can find an old bike wheel lying around the house its almost nothing. Since your cutting a 29″ rim in half in this case, you end up with two bows for the price of one rim. Pretty cool!

It appears the draw is deeper than most homemade bows so it should pack a punch. The overall draw weight is unknown but it looks menacing enough from what we could see. You could use any size rim for this project as long as you have enough rubber.  A wider rim might offer a even better option depending on the rubber used as long as the metal could take the strain  and of course upgrading the type of rubber used for an even more consistent shot with say, surgical rubber might pimp this design out.

We got thinking about this and wondered about the idea of using both pieces together to create a double walled bow to increase strength/durability on a larger thinner rim.  As far as ammo, since it could be construed as a slingshot design, you may have more options with just a few changes other then arrows. How might you improve this?

In any case, this is one we want to try ourselves.  Is this a project you'd take the time to build? If you do, take a picture and send it to us via our Facebook page at

Happy Hunting!

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