Outdoor DIY Ideas


How about some Outdoor DIY Ideas?

Outdoor DIY Ideas

Well if your like me, you better add this to your list of must haves for the backyard.  A simple fire pit would work for us but boy would we love to have something of this caliber and size to cozy up to in the privacy of own backyard.  Like all Outdoor DIY ideas, for this project, you're gonna need some skills baby.  We found this at and all though it's amazing, it's probably out of our league.   We've added a few more projects for you to review below that are pretty great as well but might be a bit easier to tackle if you're in the same boat.

If you do build one of these projects, let us know and send us picture.  We might end up placing it on our Facebook page to give others some inspiration to do the same. In case you missed the link here it is again

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