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DIY to Make Your Own Survival Shelter

shelterWhen you consider what you can make if you were out in the wilderness and need to protect yourself and you need to protect yourself from the elements, what would you make? You've looked around the area and there is no cave to hunker down in, the weather isn't that bad but it's going to cool down at night so you can't be exposed.  So what are your options?  Well there is a lot info online on how to make a larger variety of emergency shelters out there.  Seems like it needs to be something you can do by yourself without wasting all of your energy in the process.  Of course you would be limited by the natural resources in the area so this DIY Survival Shelter would not be applicable for every climate or area.

Never fear, we found a pretty good list of DIY projects that shows just how to make a legitimate but primitive survival shelter step by step that will get you through the night over at that  that we wanted to share with you.  Take a look and if you decide to make one for fun or for real, send us a picture and tells us what you found as you went through the building process.

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