The Taste Of Fall – How to pick the right apple


What's your favorite taste of Fall?

taste of fallI was watching out my window today after a day of working and low and behold the mountain tops have snow on them.  So I guess it is officially Fall around here.  That also means our apple tree is going to get picked soon.  Now I'm a fan of apples of all kinds. colors, varieties you name it.  Our own tree gives us a green apple with a slight red blush and frankly since I didn't plant it, I'm not sure which variety it is.

Even though I like apples, I couldn't tell you which are best for baking, cooking, canning, just plain eating, saucing, caramelizing and of course bobbing.  I do have my favorites for eating, Braeburn & Granny Smith.  But I ran across this blog article at that breaks it down really well for you.  We hope you'll have a chance to enjoy the taste of Fall with your favorites apples this year.  Until next time.

So what's your favorite apple and how do you prefer to prepare it?  in case you missed it, here is the full link >>


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