Four ideas to get rid of a looter or burglar without deadly force


A looter or burglar is in your home, what can you do?

burglarIt's everyone's worst nightmare. A looter or burglar  in your home while you're home. So what are your options short of pulling out a deadly weapon? We came across an article that had a couple of ideas we could agree with in principle and a couple we weren't sure of but we liked the original thinking although it reminded us of the movie home alone. Over at myfamilysurvival they have a list of four things you can do to scare off a looter or burglar which range from loud music to recorded conversations to an automatic or remote controlled lighting system all with the idea of startling or convincing the intruder to hightail it out of your home.

In an actual situation, deadly force may not be the best option if you're not properly trained to use your weapon.  It should be considered a last resort if push comes to shove according to the article.  So what are your thoughts on the subject?  Would you immediately go for your weapon or do any of these four ideas sound like a good first line of defense?  We'd like to hear from you, what are some of the other options that are available and what would you do?
If you missed the link here it is:

Until next time.  Be safe.

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