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Survival Cement, a.k.a Being Primitive Isn't so Bad

Survival CementIn the Southwest deserts, there are Anasazi ruins in the cliff walls that have been there for over 1000 years that are basically intact. The materials that they used to construct the walls were readily available. With a little but of clay-rich mud, grass and water, you can make your own survival cement. On the site Practically Primitive, there are step by step instructions on how to make survival cement. This substance is one of the most useful substances to know how to make. Survival cement can be used to build shelter, ovens, kilns and anything else that you would need a durable structure.

First thing you do is look for some mud that has a high content of clay. A good way to figure out if the mud has a high content of clay is to squeeze the mud into a ball. If the ball keeps its shape, then there is clay in it. Collect grass (preferably dried). It is better to cut the grass long as the length of the grass when laid parallel with each other, acts like rebar and increases the strength of the finished brick.

Be sure to add enough water to the mud to make it pliable but not soupy. If you are using the cement as mortar, thin out the consistency so cracks and crevices can be easily filled in. Place the mud in the middle of the tarp and place a layer of grass on top. Then do your best imitation of Moses in the movie The Ten Commandments and stomp the grass into the mud. Once the mixture has spread and flattened out, fold the mixture into itself and stomp flat again. Repeat process several times. Think of it this way, it is like kneading bread dough. Except with your feet. And with a lot of mud and grass.

Once the cement is properly mixed, begin the project you have in mind immediately. Once the cement starts to dry, it becomes hard to mold. The projects are endless. Why don't you go gather some mud and start stomping today? Who knows, maybe 1000 years from now someone will admire your handiwork.

Here is the link with detailed instructions and pictures for making survival cement:

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