DIY – Building Shelter Out of Common Materials


Building Shelter Out of Everyday Materials

Building ShelterThe importance of having a safe shelter is second only to water and food. Even though modern homes do an excellent job of keeping out the elements, if there is a power outage during a storm the temperatures drop drastically. There have been incidences of people dying from hypothermia because their furnaces weren't working. In times of natural disaster, storms can severely damage houses, making it difficult to keep out the elements. Building a shelter out of everyday materials will help you keep warm and dry and out of the elements and possibly save your life. Here is where I found some great tips on how to build a warm shelter.

There are five things to remember when building  a shelter:

1. Repel wind and drafts. Wind chill can make it feel much colder than it really is.

2. Watch for water. Water in a shelter makes for a miserable experience.

3. Retain body heat. Although it is helpful to have an outside source of heat, it is crucial to maintain your core temperature to fend of hypothermia.

4. The more layers the better. Don't rely on just a few thick layers, more layers means more dead space to trap heat.

5. Be careful with heat sources. Many of the materials used for the shelter will be quite flammable, take extra care around heat.

You can build the shelter inside your house if you need to or with some adjustments outside as well.

For more details on how to build a shelter go to this site:

Have you ever built a shelter? What have you done that was particularly effective? Share your ideas with us!

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