Dental Hygiene – No Toothbrush? No Problem!


Dental Hygiene – Cleaning Your Teeth without a Toothbrush or Toothpaste

Keeping your mouth clean is more important than not offending the people nearby with bad breath and gross teeth. When it comes to mouth health, it can be vital in how well you can function. If the SHTF and you're struggling to survive, it would make it much more difficult to do so if you had a toothache. But what if you don't have any toothpaste or toothbrushes? Not a problem. You can practice good dental  hygiene without the need of the modern conveniences of a plastic toothbrush and a tube of toothpaste. As you can see here,  get the right stick and you can have your teeth clean in no time. People have been doing it this way for many years.

It is important to choose a stick from the right tree. For instance, a twig from the sassafras tree will leave your breath feeling fresh and a twig from the birch tree has antimicrobial properties. Choosing a stick from an oleander or a holly tree however, would be a bad idea because they are poisonous. Poisonous is bad in survival situations.

The process of making a chew stick involves chewing the end until it has a brush-like appearance. After that is achieved, you can use the end to gently brush your teeth. The advantages of using a chew stick is that there is no need to stand over a sink and if you are on the run, leaving a stick behind is much less conspicuous than leaving behind a brightly colored toothbrush.

How about you? Have you tried cleaning your teeth with methods other than a toothbrush? Tell us what has worked for you!

Here is the site that goes into more detail about how to make a chew stick:

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