Non-Food Survival Items Found in the Supermarket


Have you considered which Important

Non-Food Survival Items you may need?

Non-Food Suvival ItemsYou've seen it in the news and in the movies; a disaster is looming and there is a run on the supermarket. The news footage lingers over the empty shelves and people running around frantically with their carts full of food. A grocery store has so much more than food however, there are many overlooked items that are important in a survival situation that the average panicked person will pass by. Here are some important non-food survival items that you can find at a supermarket.

First Aid Items. Most of these items are self explanatory ( bandages, first aid kits, etc.) but don't overlook some of the  more lesser thought of items such as bug spray, aloe, sunscreen and anything else that might be useful later.

Medication. If the SHTF and the pharmacy is a free-for-all, most of the “fun” drugs will probably be gone. Be familiar with the chemical name of the medications that you need to take so you know what you need. You should also get ibuprofen and other over-the-counter medications if you can. If you don't use them, they might be useful for barter later on.

Vitamins. If you are on a survival diet, having vitamins to supplement your food will help your overall health.

Baking Soda, Vinegar and Bleach. These items have many uses and life will be easier for you if you have them.

Toiletries. Having these on hand will make the transition into survival mode easier.

Garbage Bags. Most people will see these as good for only holding garbage. In a survival situation, they will serve many uses. Grab the thickest garbage bags you can find.

Look around the store and even if you don't have an immediate use for an item, it might be something that will be useful to barter with. Hopefully you will be well prepared and you won't need to run to the supermarket to get your food supply.

What about you? What items can you think of that will help in a survival situation that you can get at a store? Share your ideas with us.

Here is the link that lists the non-food supermarket items that will help in a survival situation:

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