Opening Cans and No Can Opener? No Problem!


Opening Cans Without a Can Opener

Opening CansHas this ever happened to you? You are hungry and all you have with you is a can of soup. Unfortunately, there isn't a can opener in sight. Are you out of luck? The answer to that is no, there is a way to get into that can of food without having to use a can opener. I found this video on Opening A Can Without A Can Opener.

This scenario reminds me of a classic episode of the Twilight Zone. A man who has a love for reading is suddenly found that he is the sole survivor of an apocalypse. After the initial shock, he realizes that now he can read as many books as he wants and no one will bother him. He excitedly heads for the library where he is overjoyed at the stacks of books. Just as he is about to start reading, he trips and his glasses falls off and he accidentally steps on them. Noooooo! There may come a time when you have plenty of food but they are all securely sealed in cans and there isn't a can opener in sight. But that's okay, you won't starve to death because you know how to open those cans without having to use a can opener.

Have you tried to open a can without a can opener? What has worked for you?


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