Canned Bread – Portable with a Repurposed Flair


Portable Homemade Food Idea – Canned Bread

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So you have used up whatever food storage you had in one of your #10 cans and now your not sure what do do with it. Have you ever thought to bake some bread in it? Yes, I said bread.

We love this idea of canned bread for a couple of reasons. First it's completely portable and protected. It doesn't take up much space if you're packing it up for a camping trip. It's not going to get smashed like most bread does when you take it on a road trip, and you're repurposing a BPA free food storage can which is pretty awesome too.

The type of bread you bake is completely up to you. We have seen several recipes out there and we are sure you can get creative with it. It might even make a very nice Christmas gift this year for your friends who appreciate food storage. Maybe a banana bread or a fun seasonal bread would be just right.

We found a recipe for sourdough canned bread over at the frugally sustainable blog that we wanted to share with you. We love the taste and smell of sourdough, and sourdough canned bread seems like a great idea.  Of course we wouldn't leave you hanging, so you'll find there are lots of pictures for you to see with step by step directions.

What we really liked about the article is that it talks about where to get the ingredients for the bread, taking into account locally produced non-gmo products, small family farmers and co-ops with ethical business practices. Something here at LPC Survival we value as well.

Sound good? If you give it a try or have already, let us know how it went and what kind of bread you baked. If you're up for it, send us the recipe to and we might share it on our Facebook page if you throw in a pic or two. 🙂

Read the entire canned bread article >>

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