Last Minute Preps for an Emergency


Last Minute Preps for an Emergency Could Make a Big Difference

Last Minute Preps for an EmergencyWhen impending disaster strikes, hopefully you will be prepared well in advance. There are times when you have a little time to prepare right beforehand. Like the recent typhoon in The Philippines, there were several days' warning before the storm made landfall. With that little bit of time, there are some Last Minute Preps for an Emergency that you can do right before hand that will help you ride out the storm.

Here is a partial list of Last Minute Preps for an Emergency you can do in the calm before the storm:
1. Make sure the gas tank in your car is full.
2. Make sure everyone has a 72 hour kit.
3. Turn your refrigerator and freezer to a colder setting and if you lose power, keep the door closed as much as possible.
4. If there is extra space in your freezer. Fill Ziploc bags with water and freeze them.
5. Make sure all of your electronic devices are fully charged.
6. Keep a list of your emergency contacts written down so they are not only stored on your phone.
7. Be ready to help your neighbors.
8. Have extra batteries on hand.
9. Board up your windows and stay away from them.
10. Have everyone sleep in the same room so they are easily accounted for.
11. Make a few meals and snacks that will last without power.
12. Make sure your prescriptions are filled.
13. Do your laundry now so you will have plenty of clean dry clothes.
14. Have a non-electric can opener.
15. Make sure you have a car charger for your phone.
16. Keep items that you don't want damaged by water in the dishwasher as it is waterproof.
17. Take pictures of every room in your house. It will help with insurance claims later.
18. Have glow sticks at hand.
19. If you need glasses, find them so you don't need to worry about contact lenses.
20. Check on the elderly and other family members to make sure they are accounted for. Invite them to stay with you.

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What about you? What last minute preparations do you think will be helpful in an impending emergency? Share and let us know!

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