Crystallized Honey – How to Make it Usable


Crystallized Honey – It Can Be Liquid Again

Crystallized HoneyHoney is amazing. It has almost an indefinite storage life .Natural honey that is minimally processed is good for many medicinal uses as well. Archaeologists have found honey in the pyramids of Egypt that can still be used today.  Honey local to your area is good for treating allergies and it can be used to treat wounds as it has antibacterial properties. But have you ever pulled out a jar of honey and instead of seeing a beautiful golden, clear liquid you see a thick crystalized lump in the jar? Not to worry, the honey can be changed back to its liquid state fairly easily. At Oak Hill Homestead, the explain why honey crystalizes and how it can be returned back to its liquid state.

The reason honey crystalizes is because once honey is exposed to air, it will begin to crystallize. Natural honey crystallizes faster than processed honey. Gently warm the honey in a pan of warm water until it is liquid. Be careful not to use too high of heat, as it will kill the beneficial microorganisms living in the honey. Once the honey is in a liquid state, store the honey in glass jars. Plastic jars allow air to come in, speeding up the crystallization process.

Now you will have some pourable honey to use! What uses do you have for honey? Comment and share your ideas with us!


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