Seasoning Cast Iron – A Better Way


Seasoning Cast Iron will help it last longer

Seasoning Cast IronCast iron has been around for hundreds of years as cookware. It is durable, the heat is distributed evenly, and according to a popular children's movie, serves as a good weapon . Keeping your cast iron in its best condition requires  maintenance in order to keep its shiny, non-stick surface. Before use, a cast iron utensil has to be properly seasoned. This means that an oil needs to be absorbed into the pores of the metal and then when it is done being used, it needs to be cleaned and thin film of oil coating it before storage. There has been debates as to which oil is best to use, with conventional wisdom saying that a high heat oil such as coconut oil or lard be used. At, they did some research and discovered that flax seed oil works the best to season your cast iron goods.

Flax seed oil is used because it is an oil that is a drying oil, and the only drying oil that is edible. This makes for a hard, durable finish that last a long time and eliminates the need for coating the cookware with oil before storage.

After stripping the cookware of the previous coating, season it with flax seed. It should take at least 6 coats to get the shiny, durable finish that you want.  With proper care, your cast iron cookware will last generations.

What do you do to maintain your cast iron cookware? Share your ideas with us!


For detailed instruction on how to season your cast iron with flax seed, click here:

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