Snowed In – How to Survive Tips and Tricks


snowed in - how to survive

Winter will soon be upon us and in some areas. Before you know it, everything will be covered in a blanket of white. Although it's beautiful to look at and adds to the holiday feeling, there are times when there is so much snow that everything shuts down and you are snowed in. With a little preparation and foresight, times like these can either be an inconvenience or a potentially life threatening situation.

The Organic Prepper offers some really sound advice on how to prepare for being snowed in and surviving.

High wind, heavy snow or ice can take down power lines and sometimes that can take up to two weeks to restore power. So when preparing for the event of a snow in, a good rule of thumb is to have at least two weeks' worth of supplies. Some of the things to keep in mind are: food, water, heat, light and the proper tools and supplies for cold weather.

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Even if you are in your house, with no power, it can get cold really fast. Make sure you have plenty of blankets, and warm clothes for layering. If the temperatures get really frigid, close yourself off in one room and place a blanket under the door. You can also build a shelter inside the room to keep warm. It is helpful to have and external heat source, such as a wood burning stove or a propane heater. Just keep in mind with a heat source that there is a potential for carbon monoxide poisoning.

With your house well-stocked, remember to make sure that your car is prepared in case you are stranded in your car. With a little bit of preparation and common sense, you will be able to ride out the storm and be comfortable doing it.

What other things do you need in order to prepare for being snowed in? Share your ideas with us!

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