Machete Basics – What Works for You?


Machete Basics – Which One to Pick and How to Use

Machete BasicsWhen I think of machetes, my mind conjures an image of an intrepid explorer smartly dressed and hacking his way through the jungles to find a lost treasure.

Machetes have been around for many, many years and are a very useful implement that you should consider adding to your tools, even if you don't plan to be tromping through the jungles of Borneo any time soon.  At Surviving the Sheep there is a great post on what a machete is, the different types and how to use one.

A machete is a cross between a knife and an axe. It has a longer blade than an axe and it is heavier than a knife. In terms of construction, look for a machete that has a full tang, which means that the blade extends all the way to the end of the handle. Machetes constructed this way will be much more durable. Find one that has a carbon-spring steel blade.A stainless steel blade will not hold up to the hacking and chopping as well as a carbon-spring one.

Choose a handle that feels comfortable in your hand. There are many types of machetes that available, it is important to access your needs and your physical abilities before investing in one. Once you do find a machete that works for you, it may prove to be an invaluable tool that will last a long time.

For a more in depth look at machetes, click here: Do you have a machete? What kind do you like and why? Share your thoughts with us, and maybe we can all go on an adventure sometime. Are you liking, following & pinning? Connect with our pages, boards & feeds.

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  1. Karl January 9, 2014 at 7:00 pm #

    Good article on machetes. Another good related kind of tool is so-called “corn knives” – I found an antique one at low cost a couple years agot. Looks a little “crude” but has good heft and balance, and is built well.

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