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Starting Seeds – It's That Time Again

Starting SeedsSpring is almost here! Can we get a hurray and and an amen? No, I don't have spring fever and no, I am not of tired of spending most of my time indoors, why do you ask? With the temperatures warming up and the ground starting to thaw, it is time to start thinking about and planning your garden. Planning is a very important step in growing a garden. While it is getting warmer, the temperatures are too frigid for young seedlings to survive outside. Starting seeds indoors is a good way to give plants a head start and knowledge of when it is safe to plant outdoors, your garden will be thriving by the time July rolls around.

So what do you put the seeds in when you plant indoors? Well, any container will do but it is helpful to plant them in a biodegradable container so you can just plop the whole thing in the ground when you are ready to plant. There are many containers you can use for this. If you are the fancy type and like to spend money (which I am definitely not) you can go to your local gardening store and purchase peat pots to plant your seeds in. But why do that when there are so many other more economical things to use?

Do you have newspaper or other paper lying around the house that you don't use? Well, you can fold it into a pot. Voila! Now you have a planter for your seeds.

An empty egg carton is also a perfect container to plant seeds in. When you are ready to plant the seedlings, just cut away a section of the carton and plant. But why stop at the egg carton? You can also use the empty egg shells as planters as well. How's that for reuse and recycle?

At Dollar Store Crafts, there are many other ideas on what to use as planters, you should check it out.

What do you use to start seeds indoors? What tips and tricks do you have that has helped your garden grow? Share your knowledge and wisdom with us!

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