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inexpensive camping sink

Have you ever been camping and thought, “I sure could use a bigger sink right now?”

In our daily journey through the web to find you helpful Diy projects, we came across an easy to follow inexpensive Camping Sink Diy made from a  flexible Rubbermaid tub with a sink basket in the bottom and a hole cut in the table to accept it.  If you're a camper or a prepper and just have a need for an inexpensive camping sink this project is right up your alley.  The project can be made for ordinary items you can find at any Lowe's or Home Depot and it won't put much of a dent in your pocket book.

They show you two different ways to make it and it is full of  pictures to help you along the way. The estimated time to complete the project is about an 1 hour.  Overall cost is about $25.00.  The skill level is Novice with some tools.

Here's the  step by step for this fairly easy to do project.

The parts list calls for the following:

Materials needed inexpensive outdoor sink
One flexible Rubbermaid tote (not a clear one; they crack)
Inexpensive sink basket kit
Plumber's putty
4″ tail piece
silicone or urethane sealant
1 1/2″collapsible pool drain hose
hose clamp

Tools needed
Basic hand tools
3 1/2″ hole saw
4″ hole saw,
roto zip, or rotary tool with sanding wheel or rasp
Sink Basket tools (optional)
caulk gun

This project is a perfect many other uses including a great addition to your emergency preps, you can use it as an outdoor garden sink or any number of things.  

To see all the pictures and the rest of the DIY visit >

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