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VIDEO: Home Cardio Workout


Gym memberships are great for some people. For me, not so much. I have plenty of heavy things to pick up around my house and office. I mean, I’m grateful to have scored an elliptical machine to put in my office. Yes, I literally have an elliptical machine right next to my desk. A digital […]

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On wooden boards glass with raspberry alcohol cocktail and ice cubes. Cocktail number three hundred thirty nine cocktail raspberry mojito with lime and mint leaf.

Health Tip: Detox Tea

A few months ago, I read an article that refuted the notion that an individual can “detoxify” their body with natural foods and remedies. I wonder if what some call detox is actually simply an improved state of health due to adequate hydration, nutrient-rich eating, and improved waste elimination? I routinely enjoy making teas and […]

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13 Foods to Lower Blood Pressure Naturally

She almost crashed on the highway! This last week, my cousin (through marriage) experienced an almost disastrous episode of high blood pressure. While driving home on the highway with her three year-old in the car, she began to feel dizzy and felt close to losing consciousness. Immediately, she made her way to pull over to […]

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Free Download: 100 Workouts for Office Workers

Yes! I’ve found what is quite possibly the best download on the subject I’ve EVER seen. If you work in an office and care anything at all about staying in great shape, then this .pdf is for you. Oh, and after you download it, SHARE IT. It’s awesome! Click the image below to download the […]

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The Benefits of Colloidal Silver

I’ve experienced the benefits of using the highest-quality colloidal silver products to recover from injury and illness, so have my children and my wife. Heck, my sister (who is a professional dog groomer), has even used it to cure a tumor-like growth on one of her dogs. The growth shrank and eventually disappeared! Like with […]

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Video: Benefits of Sea Salt

I recently had a conversation with a business owner about Himalayan sea salt. Our conversation really centered on the idea of salt in helping to achieve optimum health. I found the following video and it was helpful. Hopefully, you’ll find it beneficial too.

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2 Quick & Easy Home Remedies for Back Pain

From time to time, I experience back and neck pain due to sitting at my desk for extended periods of time. I originally injured my back just over a year ago while welding at a previous job. Soaking in Epsom salts was key in getting my mobility back almost instantly after the bath. I would […]

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Do “Green Vaccines” Exist?

OK, I know. This topic is a highly debated issue. This article was forwarded to me from a close friend. I read through it and developed several of my own questions in addition to these: Is this a real thing? (Homeoprophylaxis) If so, how come I had never heard of it before? What do traditional […]

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Let That Soak In…Seeds

Sprouting, ever heard of it? Have you ever tried it? I sprouted some seeds years ago when I lived in southern California. I had purchased a sprouting kit from my friend Connie Nielsen over at Life Sprouts. But, it wasn’t until I started researching and learning about fodder that I began to wonder why seeds […]

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