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EXCLUSIVE: The Berkey Guy Offers Lifetime Warranties on All Berkey Systems


Throughout the world, Berkey® water systems are the best gravity-fed water purifiers available. Since 2005, The Berkey Guy has been an authorized dealer of Berkey® systems and carries the largest inventory of systems available, from the best-selling Big Berkey® system to the Black Berkey purifiers (AKA Black Berkey® Elements). As part of our commitment to unmatched […]

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black berkey primer

Introducing: The Black Berkey Primer

You’re going to want this New Black Berkey Primer I have waited over a year to tell all of you about this amazing new device that is NOW available! Many of you have asked us this question, how do I prime my Black Berkey Elements if I do not have water pressure from a faucet? […]

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The Berkey Name The Berkey name is renowned and associated around the world with water filtration. The company relies on technology that is revolutionary and, as such, it’s set the standard internationally for filtration of water. This is something that the good people at this water filter company take very seriously. They’ve stacked their reputations […]

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Experience the Berkey Difference The business of water filtration offers plenty of opportunity for experimentation. Every company has a system, it seems, and every system has a new approach to filtering water. Determining which system has the best water filtration properties can be an uphill climb, of course. Berkey offers something unique in that it […]

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