Getting Ready for the Self-Reliance Expo in Mesquite, Texas


Hey folks! We're here in Mesquite, Texas getting ready for the Self-Reliance Expo. For more information about this Expo, and to learn when we'll be coming to your state, please visit

We are excited for many reasons, one of which is that Texans are good people! They have wonderful hospitality, tell you exactly what they're thinking, and when they do something, they do it BIG! Since we began offering products online, Texans have been wonderful customers to serve. The state is rich with so much history, it's a shame this trip keeps us on a tight schedule. Just last night we stopped in and visited some historical landmarks, such as a 150 year-old jail, a Bonnie & Clyde landmark, and an old cabin off of Main Street. There are many buildings which have great architectural appeal and are gigantic in size. The food has also been fantastic here.

What can people expect by attending the show? Besides saving tons of money in buying products at discounts, there are many products that people will find which they never knew about, such Wes Morgan's Stronghold Haywire Klamper, Humless Silent Generator, and more!

Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, will be the Key Note Speaker on Saturday morning at 11:00, presenting a lecture on “Survival Nutrition: How to choose foods & supplements that will keep you alive & healthy.” Doctor Bones and Nurse Amy will be presenting a series of Collapse Medicine lectures and offering classes on “How to Suture” (SOLD OUT), and many, many other great presentations.

We will be offering free items with purchases at our booth. We are excited to have a few copies of  the Doom and Bloom Survival Medicine Handbook, and the New print copy of Dr. Prepper's Making the Best of Basics, with a newly added chapter by Doctor Bones & Nurse Amy available at our booth as well. We will post photos from the event on the blog next week.

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  1. robertsgt40 February 9, 2012 at 1:19 pm #

    I live in San Antonio(150mi from Laredo). I have friends and family that are still clueless. As a Vietnam veteran, I understand war and civil war. We are in for both. Ya’ll better get armed AND prepared.

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