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I recently decided that I should up the ante when it comes to the items in my food storage and holy moly, have you seen the price of beans lately? Last summer I purchased a goodly quantity of beans at Costco and paid $14.95 for each 25 pound sack. And now, $19.95 for the very same quantity. That is an increase of 33%!! With those kinds of prices, you can bet that I am paying close attention to my food storage habits.

For the past year, I have explored many areas of preparedness, but now, with the escalation in food prices, I have taken a keen interest in food and food storage. And whereas I know a little about a lot of things, food and food storage are two areas in which I have learned the most and am able to share the most.

So, with so many new readers…I am posting some information on the six enemies of food storage. And for those of you that are experienced preppers? Well if you are like me, every time you read the same old stuff, more sinks in so it does not hurt to read up. Consider this a refresher course.

What are the six enemies of food storage?

  1. Temperature
  2. Moisture
  3. Oxygen
  4. Light
  5. Pests
  6. Time

As you will see, each of these factors is interrelated in such a way that there is a domino effect with all of the tiles falling upon each other and ultimately affecting your stored items in a cumulative fashion. Let’s briefly address each one so that this becomes clear.

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  1. tony krekeler February 16, 2012 at 2:51 am #

    Agree – Agree- Agree
    I’ve been months and months designing a root cellar that will help us all to get the most shelf life out of our food storage. Just yesterday we had a temperature of 4 degrees, inside the root cellar was a perfect 42 degrees and 72% humidity. You can’t beat that – especially without sending a nickel to the power company to keep it that way. We have done our best to make them affordable – especially in comparison to the cost of a year’s supply of food for a whole family.
    Thanks for the information – you are right on the money!

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