Axe Handles and Heads: There’s lots to Know





What kind of Axe do you have?

Have you ever asked the guy at Home depot where you can find a full-peeling fawn-foot before?? I bet our founding fathers knew these names like we know, Craftsman, Matco, Snap On, Harbor Freight.  If you've ever done any serious work with an axe you know the right combination of handle and head will make all the difference depending on the need.  If you have an axe from a hardware store, do you know the handle type or head style?  Is it a cutting or splitting axe?  Seems important to have the right axe for the job based on the desidous trees growing there especially in a SHTF scenario.  So what combo should you have?  What's the best way to determine handle and head? Surprisingly there is a lot to know when it comes down to it.  So before you make your next axe purchase take the time to go through this article to make sure you choose the right handle and head for the job.   Here's a few guides to help you out.

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