Self Reliance: Chickens & Eggs


Chickens & Eggs are a necessity when it comes to being more self reliant and living that kind of lifestyle. We have seen that chickens are a great animal to have around, as kids love to take care of them and collect their eggs. Recently our chickens laid their first few eggs, and we wanted to share a photo of them.


Chickens also eat bugs which helps with bug control instead of using pesticides.

We are providing a couple links below from our friends at Homestead Survival that relate to chickens and has helped us:

20 Things to Do With Eggshells

12 Things You Should Know About (and Do With) Your Eggs

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  1. dodacasper August 12, 2013 at 6:49 pm #

    Don’t wash your eggs until you use them. The hen has coating that helps keep bacteria out of the shell.

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