Memories of Making Apple Butter


Apple Butter is Yummy

Fall is approaching and I am looking forward to the taste of apple butter.  As a child my family would make a great effort to pick the apples from our backyard tree that my dad had worked on through the Spring and Summer.  It was fun to be out there even though the work was often hard.  My favorite part of the picking process was climbing the apple tree and picking the very best apples I could find.  My sisters were usually on the ground with mom, and my dad on a ladder as we filled up buckets.

Apple Butter is my favorite fall treat.

Once dad said we had enough for the day we would bring them over to rinse them off before we took them into the house.  My mom would already have her canning supplies out and everything she needed to make my favorite, Apple Butter.

Have you ever tasted homemade Apple Butter before? No problem, we came across some Apple Butter recipes and thought we'd share them with you. Enjoy!

By Dave Williams

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