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How to Make Lavender Essential Oils at home


Lavender Essential Oils Have you ever used Lavender oil before? It's pretty good stuff for a host of ailments and has great medicinal value.  There is a growing trend not just with those who are interested in the homestead or self-reliance lifestyle with the use of essential oils. People have always been interested in finding alternative ways to heal themselves without the use of pharmaceuticals. As we all know, the risk of side effects is a real possibility. Just listen to any pharmaceutical commercial on television and the list of possible side effects can be staggering. It's hard to believe that they can legally sell any of those medications or that many of use turn to them for relief knowing the risk.

So this is where essential oils comes into play with many folks. The idea is simple, everything we need to heal the body can be found in nature. But knowing the right combinations or even how to extract the oil is something many of us have no wisdom about. has an article about Lavender oil and gives you directions on how you can create your own essential oil to use with your family. Essential oils come in many different qualities or strengths. The higher the quality the better results you'll find, just like most things in life.  So check out the article and give it a go and let us know how it went!  –

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