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trampoline chicken coopWe have a trampoline chicken coop at home and when we came across this blog article at Four String Farm it warmed our heart. If you keep chickens you know that there are an endless supply of ideas, plans and DIY projects online to build almost any style or type of coop out there.   Depending on your available space and access to building materials as well as your own personal carpentry skill level, there's something that's sure to work.  Our favorite coops are either made with repurposed materials or are a repurpose of an specific item, in this case a trampoline.

We've come across several different ideas on trampoline re-purposes over the last year or so.  But when we decided to keep chickens, the old trampoline in the backyard on it's last legs got a new life.What we like about it the most is its size.  Our girls have plenty of room to do their thing.  It's easy to maintain and it keeps are chickens safe from predators, well so far it has.  We need to add the nesting box to ours and maybe create some chunnels ( chicken tunnels) so they can help us control bugs in specific areas of the yard.

So what is your favorite type of chicken coop?  To learn more &  get a DIY for a trampoline coop, just follow the links below.If you make one, send us a pic and we might post it on our Facebook page.

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