Sustainable agriculture on a tenth of an acre


Sustainable agriculture, how much land do we need?


sustainable agricultureSustainable agriculture is something all of us here are interested in.  The idea that it would take a considerable size of land to grow all the food your family would need for one year seems reasonable right? Depending on your families needs, sustainable agriculture usually takes into consideration family size and diet, as well as the type of gardening you choose to do.  All of this would seem to be a determining factor.

But according to an article written by Sami Grover over at all you need is a tenth of an acre if you plan it out correctly and grow the right crops. For those who don't have a large parcel this is great news.  We're ready to begin the planning process and see how effective we can be come next Spring.  Would a tenth of an acre work for your family's needs?  We want to hear your comments.

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