DIY Fabric Softener is Natural and Economical


Learn how to make your own DIY Fabric Softener

by Winnie

DIY Fabric SoftenerLast week I posted about DIY laundry detergent and it got me thinking – is there a good DIY fabric softener that uses natural ingredients and is economical and easy to prepare. I found this great post on the Mother Nature Network that discusses three ways for an economical and all-natural fabric softeners.

For the first fabric softener, just add vinegar to your load of laundry, the vinegar acts as a water softener, is antimicrobial and removes soap residue. Just add a 1/2 cup to the rinse cycle and you're done!

The  second formula involves baking soda and vinegar. Add one cup of baking soda to 6 cups of vinegar. The mixture will fizz like a science experiment but when you add 1/2 to 1 cup to your laundry, the experiment's result is soft laundry. You can add several drops of essential oil if you want a fragrance.

The third recipe for fabric softener uses water, vinegar and hair conditioner. Mix six parts water, three parts vinegar and two parts hair conditioner. Add 1/2 cup or less to your wash. Although this is recipe probably smells the best, it isn't all natural, so if being green is what you're going for, you should probably skip this one.

I haven't tried any of these recipes yet because I still have fabric softener at home but I'm interested to see how well they work. Let us know if there is one that works for you.

Here is the link that goes into more detail about these fabric softeners:

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