DIY – Flint Knapping


What is Flint Knapping?

By Winnie

Last weekend I had a pleasant picnic along the banks of a river in Wyoming with my family. When we pulled out the salami and crackers, we realized that we had left the trusty pocketknife we usually have with us back in the car. The only thing we had was my tiny pink Swiss Army knife that is attached to my keychain. The blade is a whopping one inch long, and not exactly razor sharp. While the picnic wasn't ruined, we had a good laugh over how we had to saw through the stick of processed meat to put on our crackers. This whole experience got me thinking, wouldn't it be great to make your own blade? I remember the Native American blades that I have seen in museums. I marveled at how sharp the edge has remained centuries after the maker first touched the stone.

flint knapping On the website, I found a pdf that you can download that shows all the equipment and techniques that is needed to make your own flint blade.

So if there ever comes a time when you are in desperate need of a sharp blade and you don't have your trusty knife, it's nice to know that you can make one yourself.

There is also a fascinating video on YouTube that shows the process of flint knapping in slow motion. I love to see how things work!

In case you missed the link:

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