Five Knots Everyone Should Know


Can you tie these five knots?

Five Essential KnotsThere may come a time when you have to secure something with a length of rope. Which knot should you use? There are literally hundreds of different kinds of knots and some are better for the job than others. At it states that there are five knots that every survivalist should know. With these five knots, you will be able to use in any survival situation.

The Figure Eight on a Bight knot is easy to tie and it keeps 85%  of the strength of  the rope. Attach a carabiner to the loop end and you have a strong secure way to hang something up.

The Figure Eight Follow Through Knot is a strong knot that is used for mountain climbing. It is used to attach the rope to the climber's harness.

The next knot is the Two Half Hitches. This is the knot to use if you want to secure something to a post or a tree. If you need to climb down a cliff, this is the knot you will need to secure the rope at the top. To make it extra secure, add the Overhand Knot.

The Overhand Knot is also known as the Mule Knot or the Transport Knot. It is used to secure the transport tightening system.

Finally, the Bowline can be used to fasten an end to a mooring line or a post. It is strong when it is under load but it can be worked loose when it is slack.

Learn these five knots and you will have a variety of knots that you can use in many situation. What kind of knots have you found useful?

Here is the link that illustrates how to tie these five knots:

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  1. Joshua Adkisson October 31, 2013 at 6:05 am #

    AHHH!!! I love this! I’ve been looking for the most important ones, to have memorized.

  2. Century22 October 31, 2013 at 8:58 am #

    I recommend the Klutz book of knots. It makes it easy to learn and practice.

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