Edible Wild Plants To Look For


Edible Wild Plants to look for in a survival situation.


Edible Wild PlantsDid you know that knowing just four common Edible Wild Plants could one day save your life? These common plants are found everywhere and knowing what they are could sustain you if you are ever in a life or death situation. The plants that you need to familiarize yourself with are: Grass, Oak, Pine and Cattail.

Grass is everywhere but you may not think of it as an edible wild plant, but you should. The stalks can be nibbled on while they are still young. The best part of the grass plant to eat is the seeds. 99% of grass seed can be eaten raw. Just be sure that the seed are not black or purplish, which indicates a toxic fungus. Of course, stay away from grass that might have been sprayed with pesticides or weed killer.

Oak, specifically the acorn is a great food source. It is a source high in protein and fat. Some types of acorns can be eaten right out of the shell while others need to be rinsed to remove a bitter taste. The acorns can also be ground into meal and used as a flour. There is apparently a bread recipe using acorn flour that is delicious.  So add oak to your list of edible wild plants.

There are many parts of the pine tree that can be consumed. The nuts are edible (and tasty as anyone who has had a good pesto knows), the pollen anthers are high in protein, even the inner bark is edible. The pine needles can be boiled to make a tea that is high in vitamin C.

The cattail is sometimes referred to as a wilderness supermarket because it has so many parts that are edible. Whether eating the flower heads, the shoots or the corms, there is something to eat from the cattail year round.

Just knowing these edible wild plants and how to use them could be the difference between life and death. Familiarize yourself with the plants and someday you will be grateful according to the folks at Tactical

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