DIY – Harvesting Aloe From a Plant


Harvesting Aloe From a Plant

By Winnie

harvesting aloeYou see it everywhere. If you walk into a store, you can find it in the skin care aisle, the health food aisle and you can even find it in the beverage aisle. When I was a little girl, I remember times when I burned my finger by touching one thing or another that I shouldn’t have touched and my mother snipping off a leaf from her aloe vera plant in the kitchen window sill and rubbing the cut end of the leaf on my burn. The relief was immediate! As a bonus, I really liked taking apart the fleshy leaf to examine the clear insides. Aloe is a common ingredient in many things, because of its many beneficial uses. It is an anti-inflammatory, it is good for the skin and it is high in vitamins and minerals to name only of few of its properties. But what if something happens and there aren’t any stores that you can buy aloe vera gel from? If you had your own aloe plant, you could harvest aloe gel by yourself.
The aloe plant is easy to grow and propagate. Harvesting the gel from the leaves is a simple straight-forward process. Here are some Step By Step instructions on how to Harvest Aloe Gel Straight from the Plant.
So why have someone else harvest aloe for you when you can do it yourself? Have you ever used aloe gel? What do you like about it? Comment with your ideas and we might post it in our blog.

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