Edible Bugs, an Emergency Smorgasbord


Hakuna Matata Anyone?

edible bugsYour friend is having a get together to celebrate his engagement to his long-time girlfriend. You are really looking forward to the party because your friend always has a good spread. When you get there, you see a beautifully set table that is set with fresh fruit, barbecue shrimp and a huge bowl of four inch long roasted grubs. Wait, what? What just happened? If you were in Australia, this would actually be a common site. I found this link to an interesting article about the different types of bugs people eat around the world. Unlike the United States, eating bugs is a commonplace occurrence. Once you get past the squeamishness, this food source is very nutritious and according to many, very tasty. If you are ever in a survival type situation, it is good to know that there is a reliable food source literally under your feet.

The texture ranges from crispy to creamy and the tastes are as variable as cinnamon to bacon and yes, even chicken. Whether it be scorpion or cockroach, there are several important things to remember before you pop one of these in your mouth or the mouth of  a loved one.

1. Don't eat bugs that could carry diseases. So, as much as you really wanted to have a tick and mosquito pie, you should probably avoid eating them.

2. Don't eat bugs that are poisonous. An exception is if they are killed and properly cooked. If that is the case, then by all means, crunch into that scorpion on a stick.

3. Don't eat bugs that are already dead. You don't know why they are dead, so don't risk your health eating one. Besides there are plenty of live ones you can choose from.

4. Don't eat bugs that bite or sting. There are a few exceptions to this rule such as bees, wasps and centipedes. It's better to look for something that won't bite you back.

5. Don't eat bugs that smell bad. That is one of nature's ways of telling predators that they are dangerous. An exception to the rule (there's always an exception, isn't there?) is the stink bug, If you properly prepare them, they taste like cinnamon.

6. Don't eat brightly colored bugs. Again, it's nature's way of saying, “Back off buddy! I'm really bad for you.”

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