Reading the Weather Doesn’t have to involve turning on the TV


Reading the Weather Naturally

By Winnie

Reading the WeatherI was treated to the most spectacular sunrise the other day. The red and orange skies broke through the heavy clouds while causing streaks of golden light to radiate from behind the mountain. It was truly a breathtaking sight. While I was thoroughly enjoying the sight, the old phrase was running through my mind, “Red skies at night, sailors delight; red skies in morn, sailors be warned.” Sure enough as the day progressed, we were treated with a torrential downpour and great gusts of wind. There are many ways that you can read the weather that doesn't involve checking your phone or the radio to see what the meteorologist has to say. Reading the weather can be done in many natural ways.

Look to the skies. That magical sunset was a good sign that there was a storm brewing. Many times, the types of clouds that are in the sky will tell you of the weather to come. Those cumulonimbus clouds while making a lovely scene, kept building during the day and sure enough, the weather was pretty severe. Wispy cirrus clouds that hang high in the sky are a good indication that there will be strong bad weather within the next 36 hours. Mammatus clouds, which look like lumpy balls chained together, are an indication that the storm is dissipating.

What does the moon say? If the moon appears reddish or pale, it is because the light is being filtered though dust particles in the air. That indicates a high pressure system and dry weather. If the moon appears to have a halo around it, it means that it is surrounded by cirrostratus clouds, which usually means that it will rain within 3 days.

What color is the sky? If you see sunsets that are vivid red, it means that the weather will be dry for at least a few days. If the sky has a greenish-yellowish hue to it, a tornado or other severe storm is coming.

What are the birds, animals and plants doing? If the birds are staying low to the ground, it means that there is a low pressure system in the area and it will soon rain. Also, if the birds suddenly stop chirping, a storm is coming.

Animals can sense air pressure better than humans can, so if you see them seeking shelter, they are preparing for a coming storm. For instance, turtles will seek for higher ground 1-2 days before a coming storm.

Leaves typically grow in a direction that protects itself. If you see that the leaves are flipped over, it means that a strange wind pattern is blowing. Have you noticed that the flowers smell stronger? It is because when the air is moist, the scent is carried through the air better. It looks like it might rain.

With a little bit of practice, you might be able to read the weather signs without having to consult a meteorologist. Even the weatherman isn't always accurate but as you become more familiar with the signs nature provides, you might be better prepared for stormy weather.

What natural ways have you used to read the weather? Are they effective? Here is the link to the natural ways you can read the weather:

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