Grazing Box for Chickens DIY – Salad anyone?


Learn how to make your own Grazing Box for Chickens

Grazing Box for ChickensChickens love eating plants. The problem is they are not very discriminating on whether or not to avoid your flower bed. If you let them have free rein in your yard, you might have bar patches of soil where your plants used to be. I found a good solution for your chickens to get their fill of fresh plants while still keeping the plants you want around intact here at Building a grazing box for chicken is fairly simple and doesn't require a lot of materials.

The trick here is to build a box where the plants are protected by a lid covered with hardware cloth. When you want your chickies to enjoy a fresh salad, just lift open the lid and let them graze away. When they are done, just close the lid and the plants are protected for them to enjoy another day.

The materials you will need are:

2 3′ boards (1×6)
2 2′ boards (1×6)
deck screws
10′ of furring strips, cut to match the four board lengths
3'x 2'2″ hardware cloth
seed packet
The grazing box is simple and easy to make, the complete instructions are here:

Your chickens will thank you.

What do you do to make sure that your chickens get enough greens to eat? Comment and share!

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