Hiding Valuables In Plain Sight – Because You Never Know


Hiding Valuables in Plain Sight

Hiding ValuablesEveryone has things that they want to keep safe. Whether it be you're grandmother's wedding ring or your guns, it is necessary to protect them from the dishwasher repairman, your daughter's sketchy new boyfriend, or (if the SHTF) looters. The best places to hide your valuables might not be in the most obvious place (a lockbox in your closet) but in a place no one would ever think to look. I found some great ideas to hide valuables in plain sight here. Some require a quite a bit of work while others can be done fairly simply.

Install false ductwork or plumbing. No thief would ever think that the plug coming out of the floor in your basement is anything other than access to your sewer line. Just be sure that the PVC pipe isn't so long that you can't reach the bottom of it.

Create a false electrical panel. The panels can be locked and if you add a “Danger: High Voltage!” sticker to it, it will be sure to be passed over.

Take an old vacuum cleaner, hollow out the insides and stick a note on it that says “Donation: Thrift Store” Put it next to your real vacuum cleaner. No burglar/looter would want to take a vacuum that is slated for donation.

Use everyday things to make a hiding place. I like the idea of taking a can of scouring powder, emptying it out and putting your valuables in it under the sink. Be sure to leave some residue on the lid so it looks like it's being used. Hollowing out old books to make a hiding place is also an effective rouse.

What about you? Where would you hide your valuables where no one would think to look?

Here is the site that has some more suggestions:

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