Winterizing Your Garden


Did you know Winterizing Your Garden is important for the Spring?

Winterizing Your GardenNow that winter is coming, it is time to prepare your garden to ensure that you will have a healthy, vibrant garden the next growing season. I found this article at Better Homes and Gardens with some really good tips on what to do to prepare your yard for the long winter.

The main things to remember when winterizing your garden is to protect the plants from drastic temperature changes, remove any harboring pests or disease, and to protect plants from winter foragers (like deer and rodents).

When it starts getting cold and the plants begin to go dormant, remove all dead foliage and branches. This helps to remove disease and any harboring eggs from pests. Do not mulch any diseased material.

When the ground is frozen, cover the soil in a layer of mulch. This helps to regulate the temperature. It is important to note that the ground needs to be frozen before applying the mulch or you would have just created a nice cozy spot for rodents to nest for the season.

Protect the tender bark of your trees from any animals that might like a nibble  by wrapping them in wire or other type of tree guard.

With some preparation, your yard will survive the winter season nicely and come back healthy and ready to bloom in the spring.

Here is the link for detailed instruction on how to winterize your garden:

What has worked for you when winterizing your garden? Share your ideas with us!

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