Headache Remedies You Can Use Without Medication


All natural Headache Remedies

Headache RemediesSometimes they happen without warning. Sometimes you know exactly what caused it. Headaches can rear their ugly heads (pun intended)  for many reasons; loud noises, bright lights, stress, dehydration, and sometimes they just decide to show up  for no apparent reason. But what if you have a headache and you don't have (or don't want to take) any medication? Are you doomed to suffer? No, I found that there are many ways you can treat a headache without medication.

Use a cold compress. A cool wash cloth or an ice pack placed over your forehead will help constrict blood vessels to relieve the pain.

Soak your feet in hot water. That sounds weird and counter-intuitive but a hot water foot bath relieves pressure in your head. Add some mustard powder to the water to increase its effectiveness.

Drink some ginger tea. Ginger will reduce inflammation in about the same amount of time an aspirin will.

Try some lemon juice. Lemon juice helps to reduce the intensity of the pain.

Eat some almonds. Almonds contain the same compound (salacin) that is found in many popular pain relievers.

Use some essential oils.  Eucalyptus, basil, sandalwood and lavender oils are particularly effective in relieving headaches.

Massage your hand. Press firmly between two fingers the flesh between your thumb and index finger for 3 to 5 minutes. This acupressure point is helpful in treating headaches.

There are many other ways you can relieve headaches without medication. What have you tried that has worked for you?

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