Dehydrating Food Without Electricity


Dehydrating food without electricity, no problem.

dehydrating foods without electricityDehydrating as a way to preserve food has been around for many centuries. It is a good way to set food aside when food is scarce or out of season. Dried food takes up less space and doesn't weigh as much as fresh food. With today's electrical dehydrators, dehydrating food is a quick and simple process. But our ancestors have been dehydrating food for many years without the benefit of a electrical power. How did they do it? What if the SHTF and the grid goes out and there is no power available to run a modern dehydrator? Not to worry, dehydrating food without electricity is a simple process, and depending on what climate you live in, quick.

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There are two main ways to dehydrate food naturally, the heat of the sun, and the heat of a fire. The most important things to remember is to keep the food thin to ensure even drying and to keep the food dry. If you are drying meat, the fat needs to be trimmed as the fat will go rancid and spoil the meat.

Herbs, vegetables and fruit can be dried in the sun while meat needs to be dried over  a fire to keep flies from laying eggs on the meat (and NOBODY wants that).

Once the food is dry, store the dehydrated food in a cool, dry place. The cooler and dryer the storage area, the longer your food will last. Your food storage area should also be dark as light will cause the vitamins in the food to break down.

It's good to know that if the SHTF, you will know how to dehydrate your food without using any electricity. In a situation like that, it could be a matter of survival.

For detailed instructions on how to dehydrate your food without electricity, visit this site:

What methods have you used that worked in dehydrating food? Do share!

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