Peasant Bread – So Easy and So Good


Peasant Bread – Fast and Easy

Peasant BreadEveryone loves home made bread. One of the issues with making your own bread is that it can be so time consuming. In comes peasant bread a quick and easy bread from start to finish, takes around 3 hours. Another thing that makes peasant bread so simple is that doesn't require any kneading. All you need to make this bread are some buttered glass bowls, flour, salt, water, sugar and yeast. The most time consuming part of making the bread is the two times you need to make it rise, and even then, it doesn't require as much time as traditional bread recipes. This bread is perfect for those times when you don't have a lot of time to devote to making bread. Why don't you try to make some peasant bread today? I can guarantee that many people will thank you. Here is the site with the recipe and the instructions on how to make peasant bread: What other easy to make bread recipes do you swear by? Share your recipes with us and let's break some bread! Are you liking, following & pinning? Connect with our pages, boards & feeds.

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