Strawberry Rocks – The Art of Deception


Strawberry RocksI came across this idea while surfing the web painting rocks to look like strawberries or strawberry rocks to thwart hungry birds. The main idea of the project is to paint rocks that are roughly the size and shape of strawberries and scatter them throughout the strawberry patch. Birds are attracted to the “strawberries” and the try to take a nibble. When they do, they realize that the strawberries are literally as hard as rocks and they will lose interest in your patch and leave the real strawberries alone.

This would make a good project to do during the winter months when your garden is resting and it might be a fun project to do with kids. I would be interested to know if this decoy really works. Have you tried the strawberry rock method before to keep birds away? What other things have you used to keep birds from eating your fruit? Share your ideas with us and maybe next summer, we will all be able to harvest more fruit for our own use instead of leaving them to the birds.


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